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About us


My Story Begins ....

long before I opened the store at 166 Portobello Road in 1997.  It began a few years before that when I was about 15 years old.  My father had one or two cashmere jumpers that I used to borrow (and never gave back).  I loved them.  Oversized, with leggings and a slight smell of my dad about them.  Soft and safe, comfy - I just loved my dads jumpers.  He on the other hand - not so happy about me stealing them.  I've always loved cashmere, I've been obsessed about it since then.  I have a few cashmere jumpers that bring me to a place I feel safe and happy.  Some of them are pretty well worn, some 20 years old or more, but each of them has a story of how or why or when I got them. 

In 1997 we opened the shop at 166 Portobello Road, and set up our own brand and label ELDON CASHMERE just selling high quality cashmere from Scotland.

Over the years I can mostly tell from looking at a Cashmere jumper made in Scotland, which mill has made it.  I have learnt about types of cashmere yarn, plys and count, needles and rail combing, twisting and dying.  I have, many years ago travelled to China, Nepal, Mauritius and Italy visiting suppliers and manufacturers and each time I come back to the Scottish knitted cashmere, because it's simply the best.  

Why us ....

Firstly, because we only use the finest cashmere, and work closely with traditional mills in the Scottish Borders to craft our luxurious cashmere range, with a focus on heritage, quality and longevity. 

We are committed to sustainability in all forms where ever possible and is a subject of great concern to us.

We are committed to welfare of workers who produce the yarn and make the products and only use manufacturers who can prove their commitment to this.

We are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of the animals at the source of our fine fibres and protecting the environments in which they live. We are on a pathway to carbon neutrality.  We are moving to buy our cashmere from suppliers certified by the Sustainable Fibre Alliance.  

My heart belongs in Scotland ....

We have a home in Scotland near the mills.  The relationship I have with my suppliers runs deep, and they have helped and supported me enormously over the years.

I've witnessed the closure of great mills over the years which have struggled to compete with the mass production of imported lesser quality Chinese goods.  The mills we use are often family run business that are experts in what they do.  They care about the quality of what they are producing and take great pride in that. They care about the staff that work for them and know them personally. They feel huge responsibility to their staff by being able to provide work for them.  We are talking about communities which rely solely on the manufacturing of knitwear in order to survive.  Every item you buy makes a difference to them, us, you and the environment.

and finally ...

Our luxurious cashmere products have a loyal following. It's always great to hear from our lovely customers who treasure the quality as much as us at Portobello Cashmere.

Today, my daughter borrows her fathers cashmere jumpers - the bigger the better!  you can find us back at our original shop at 166 Portobello Road still selling our famous striped scarves and much more. We have a huge on-line business, so even if you can’t make it to the shop, we can come to you. You can still be guaranteed the finest quality cashmere, at the most competitive prices and we still love and believe in what we do best.   

Thanks for all your support

Ann Beatty 


Customer quotes

“I lost one of these scarves, so I’m after a new one., a nice new colour I already have 10 but I really need another one” Big fan, Richmond

“I sorted through my scarves and threw out 30 of them, but I kept my “Portobello stripey scarf “ There is something wonderfully fat about them, Not too much scarf just that lovely soft bit you need round your neck” Lucy, Hampshire
















Dear Customers,

We will re-open the shop at 166 Portobello from September 2021, but remain open on line. If you can't see on line what you are looking for please call on +44 7768 366 552 or email on In the meanwhile Clare who works at Portobello Cashmere is useing the shop as a take away deli, vegitarian salad bar called Peel. Clare and Euan are serving delicious coffee too, so please go and see them and give them your support. We decided that to reopen at the beginning of summer selling cashmere after such a long lockdown we could use the space better in the summer as a deli and in the winter selling woolies. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.