We are reopening the Shop on 1st Cctober 2021 for the winter period ** WE SHIP WORLDWIDE ** Call on +44 7768 366 552

Covid-19 Information


Due to the Government restrictions on trading within the UK, we have had to temporarily close our doors to the shop at 166 Portobello Road. However, we remain open online and are undertaking the task of continually uploading more and more stock, so please always check in with us.

Please feel free to check in with this page from time to time – we will post here as soon as we know anything about the restrictions lifting.


What we are doing to protect our customers:


Here at the store we UV-C all products at the end of the day and prior to shipping. We endeavour to make this a safe place for our customers and staff to visit (when they can!). We take all measures seriously, and when open, we ask that all customers wear masks, and sanitise their hands when entering the shop.


We have also recently bought a Healthy Air Purifier HA500,which is an air system founded by scientists from Catalysis Research Centre, Oxford University.

The catalyst can convert harmful pollutants into harmless substances (including water, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide) with no risk of secondary release later, and completely remove pollutants from the air, including odour, bacteria, viruses, pollen, NOx, SOx, ozone, formaldehyde, VOC, ammonia, H2S, CO, benzene, and PM2.5.

 The aim of the technology is to provide a better indoor air quality, all with the aim of producing healthier living and working environments.


Protecting ourselves means we can protect you, and ensures that whether you do a local delivery or are shipped your products, you are safe at every step!


Dear Customers,

We will re-open the shop at 166 Portobello 1st October 2021, but remain open on line. If you can't see on line what you are looking for please call on +44 7768 366 552 or email on info@thecashmereclub.co.uk.